Participation Process of HyperPay VSYS High-Interest PoS Mining Pool

Coinw 2019-04-24 20:28:27

Dear Coinw users,

Coinw official wallet HyperPay has started VSYS PoS Mining Pool. Coinw users can buy VSYS and instantly transfer them to HyperPay for free. The annualized reward of VSYS PoS is 25%.

Participation Process: ①Download HyperPay wallet and register---②Bind HyperPay account by Coinw website or APP---③Transfer VSYS to wallet through Coinw*HyperPay Inter-Transfer channel---④Enjoy profit of VSYS PoS Mining Pool after VSYS arrive.

*HyperPay Wallet Download Address:

Coinw Team
Apr 24,2019