MFCC Listed! 100,000 MFCC Trading Rewards to Give Away

Coinw 2019-10-29 18:03:23

Dear CoinW users,


MFCC deposit will be available on CoinWfrom Oct. 15 16:00(UTC+8) to Oct. 17 16:00(UTC+8), and the trading pairMFCC/CNYT will be listed on CoinW Potential Zone at Oct.17 16:00(UTC+8). Therewill be a trading promotion in sync with the start of MFCC trading, duringwhich MFCC holders and traders have the opportunity to share 100,000 MFCC.


Deposit Official Start: Oct 25 12:00(UTC+8)

Withdrawal Official Start: Oct 1716:00(UTC+8)

Promotion Period: Oct 17 16:00-Oct 2516:00(UTC+8)



Promotion 1: MFCC Net Buying Rewards

All verified users who buy MFCC on CoinWduring the promotion can share 40,000 MFCC according to their MFCC netbuying(buy-sell) ranking. Detailed rules are as follows:

1st - 10th usersshare 20,000 MFCC according to their net buying proportion;

Users ranked from 11th share20,000 MFCC according to their net buying proportion.


Promotion 2: MFCC Holding Rewards

CoinW will return 2% MFCC to verified usersaccording to their daily average MFCC balancethe mix limit of reward is 1000 MFCC.

*NOTE: The minimum limit of daily averagebalance is 1000 MFCC


Promotion 3: MFCC Trading Rewards

All verified users with 10,000 MFCCtrading(buying+selling) amount or more during the promotion can get 50% tradingfee refunds.


Thanks for your support!


CoinW Team

Oct 14, 2019


About MFCC:

MFCC's INTERSTELLAR is a diversified-panelcompany specializing in high-tech agriculture. Its industrial ecology includesagricultural and biotechnology research and development, intelligentcultivation hardware facilities, catering stores, blockchain public chains andso on. The Group controls the entities in the eco-industry, and the MFCC issuedby the overseas foundations benchmarks the equity of the group and runs throughthe entire ecology, truly enabling the blockchain to empower the real economy.



Terms of Service:

1. CoinW reserves all rights for finalexplanation.

2. All rewards are only for CoinW verifiedusers. Rewards less than 5 MFCC will not be issued.

3. Reward Distribution: Rewards will beissued after the promotion within 7 working days. You can check it inAssets---History---Airdrop.

4. CoinW has the right to disqualify theparticipants with cheating behavior or wash sales.



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