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Risk Warning: There are high uncertainties in blockchain project in the innovation zone. Please carefully access your risk tolerance and invest carefully.

More than 2 million users worldwide choose us.

The choice of millions of users, the future of Blockchain

Security & Safety

Adoption of RSA asymmetric encryption, Cipher salt and hierarchical security mechanisms for full dimension protection.
Cold Wallet + multi-signature strategy to strictly protect user’s assets.

Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

Banking-level speed and stability, able to handle 100,000 transactions per speed.
Automatic transaction acceleration for deposits and withdrawals Small withdrawals processed in a second.

Exceptional User Experience

Outstanding product design team polishes product in every details for more convenient transactions, and pursues ultimate experience for users.

24/7 CSR

24/7 Customer Service Representative and online chat to guarantee every user's visit with the best quality of service.


Latest News

Coinw Exchange

New Version of APP


Easier: Intelligent Real-name authentication processing in 1 minute


More comprehensive: Better market price analysis; new currency market value/asset valuation chart and capital distribution maps


Value-added: Integrating HyperPay Wallet, Grow your day by day with maximum flexibility


Improved user experience and UI: a new upgrade of the interface, improved user experience

Market, Trade, Wallet Now at your fingertips

Real time